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Lunattack and Elephant Memories

A French (Elephant Memories) German (Lunattack) collaboration, Lunattack and Elephant Memories weave together an inspiring combination of cultural influences set against a fluid rock backdrop that is intriguing, progressive and female fueled.


Electro-pop-rock band based in Hamburg and Toulouse, France.

Voice: Lunattack aka Barbara Duchow (Hamburg, Germany)
Drums: Bruno Joly (Toulouse, France)
Bass: Olivier Carpentier (Toulouse, France)
Guitar, vocals and computer: Jean-Philippe Boin (Toulouse, France)
Guitar: Lizzie Largillière (Toulouse, France) 

Performing original compositions in French, English and German, Lunattack and Elephant Memories have joined forces to create a captivating blend of cosmic electro rock that guides listeners on a journey into the outer and inner worlds.

Inspired by the real-life experiences of the band’s male and female lyricists, ‘Moon Kiss,’ their first LP, exudes the anticipatory feeling of a long awaited escape with lyrics that traverse the old streets of London, paint pictures of coal workers in Longwy, Northern France, and tell stories of simple people who left everything behind.

Like an electronic lullaby in the midst of a powerful storm, ‘Moon Kiss’ is driven by a delicate balance of hypnotic riffs and vocals that simultaneously express strength and serenity. With the steady work of the drum-skipper holding course, the fluidity of the bass and the energetic fusion of guitars, the album is both soothing and shaking.

Lunattack and Elephant Memories are heavily influenced by PJ Harvey, Nick Cave and Pink Floyd. After releasing their 2019 EP ‘Escape,’ the band completed a successful crowdfunding campaign that funded the studio recording of their first LP ‘Moon Kiss’ (2021) in collaboration with American guitarist and singer/songwriter Lone Kent.

In addition to devoting the past two years to doing several live performances in support of different charities, Lunattack and Elephant Memories recently performed at the "Enorock Festival" at Le Metronum in Toulouse, France, as well as at Halle 424 in Hamburg, Germany in 2019. Next stop for these lunar lovers-- the moon!





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