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Elephant Memories Toulouse

Lunattack and Elephant Memories

Since 2019 Lunattack collaborates with the electro, pop and rock band from Toulouse "Elephant Memories" vocalizing many of their repertoire as well as new interpretations of the own songs.

"Elephant Memories" performs original compositions in French, English and German. The masculine and feminine lyricists sing about inner and outer voyages, darkness and light, and the twists and turns of their life experiences. The music has the smell of escape from London to Longwy (in northern France). The voices and hypnotising riffs take the listener onboard for a long journey that is sometimes stormy and sometimes peaceful. The passenger-listeners will be soothed and shaken by fusion guitar, a waving bass, and a drummer-skipper holding the course.

Vocals: Lunattack (Barbara Duchow)
Drums: Bruno Joly
Bass: Olivier Carpentier
Guitar, vocals and computer: Jean-Philippe Boin

2020 "Let Me Shine" Music Video for Elephant Memories´ First LP Crowdfunding Campaign

2019 releases "Escape" single with music video

Featured Live Performances

Elephant Memories feat. Lunattack Live Hamburg 2019

Arms Around
Elephant Memories feat. Lunattack Live Hamburg 2019

Elephant Memories - Pont Neuf (Lunattack) cover - Enorock 2020

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