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born in France, is a guitar player. Graduated from CIAM (Bordeaux, FR) and Conservatory of Agen (FR), he played in many bands and experiments some music styles (jazz, funk, rock, forró). Now based in Montreal (CA), where he's finishing his music studies, he plays with Lunattack since summer 2019.


Drummer since the age of 7, Simon Flouret became passionate about drums at a very young age, before also discovering the piano. He studied music at the university (jazz musicology in Toulouse) where he obtained the license. Freshly graduated from Dante Agostini Toulouse school, he played with various formations: Mark Robson (Jive Bunny), The Napsking Blues Band (swing / blues), Phil Good (funk), Feramia (Jazz Occitan), Forró Mandacaru, among others. He plays with Lunattack since 2019.


born in Brazil, bass and double bass by training. Graduatet of the Agen Conservatory (FR), he plays in several groups allowing him to experiment with various styles of music (Latin music, jazz, funk, rock). Based in Lot-et-Garonne (FR), where he shares among family, concerts and studio. He has been working with Lunattack since 2019.


Julian Laping, music producer, composer, artist, live-act, DJ and sound designer who currently works in Berlin, Germany. Next to his electronic music alias Polly Powder and Toneaffair, he is the producer and writer of the duo Karmafauna, the electro pop band Kalif, glamrock band Band Deutscher Mädels and various international Artists. He composed numerous soundtracks for film and media. Being a sound designer, Laping recorded in the famous Abbey Road studios and created a sound installation for art exhibitions. Also to be seen live on stage with his music projects.

Arnaldo Gonzalez


Arnaldo Gonález, visual artist from Caracas, Venezuela based in Hamburg, Germany - working with mixed media artworks such as video art, performance art, drawings, paintings, collages, artist's books and sound art pieces. His work has been exhibited in different galleries and art festivals in Germany, Venezuela, Arab Emirates, Colombia and USA. Since 2015 produces all visuals for Lunattack´s music videos and live performances.


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