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Lunattack (a.k.a. Barbara Duchow) is most likely a kind of neo hippie that I call
peaceful warrior. If one prefers a common classification, then it’s a mix of indie rock and ambient. Always in cooperation with international musicians and visual artists.

I am singer, songwriter and performing artist in particular in the field of video and live performances. My music is a crossover of electro and indie rock influenced by the kind of 60s and 70s rock which at that time influenced the anti-war movement musically. Performing arts play an essential role in my work, both visually and live. The name Lunattack symbolizes the power of the moon, the level of our deepest feelings that starts a gentle powerful attack on the bastions of our armour and

Rock has always brought something wild, a kind of drive or primal force to the people. Gabrielle Roth once called rock stars “modern city shamans”. With my music I take ritual ceremonies, as we know it from ancient cultures, and bring it into the present time by transforming them into a concert.  

This space, which is created in collaborating with international musicians and visual artists, is experienced by the audience as a space of light trance, where they can let go and can be moved on all levels. This music driven ritual space acts as a deep cleansing on the physical, emotional, energetic and mental body, which can discover its deep self-efficacy. A self-actively living body creates the awareness for each individual to be able to change the world (with all its wars, disasters and evils) and make it a better place. 

At the age of twelve I’ve been in Kiel at a ACDC concert. The song “Hells Bells” vibrated in my body and I knew someday I would sing rock and metal. These musicians gave me strength, hope and a lot of “joie de vivre”. I felt like it was the ritual of a tribe I belong to, where I can just be - at a celebration that cleans me and charges me with fresh energy. I came out of this concert motivated, inspired and powerful and knew that I would make music, I would become a performer.

Like many people of my generation, I am influenced by the traumatic war experiences of my parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. Two world wars do not pass without a trace by an epoche and so my early adult years were characterized by historical reappraisal and therapeutic work on my own (adopted) traumas. I had to detoxify and free myself, I had to learn to understand why people are neither self-determined nor act self-determined, but only from the recognition of their injuries and imprints become capable of acting and peaceful individuals. Unprocessed injuries make you loud, rough and lonely. Booming and knocking down are protective mechanisms that themselves cause new miseries. So, it’s about becoming touchable, vulnerable and open again. It is about becoming receptive again, able to hear oneself and others.  

My songs and videos range from small human stories to big epic stories and are all powerful pleadings for appreciating, loving and caring for each other. I am convinced that everything that is alive deserves to be respected. If we manage to love life and no longer take its beauty for granted, we won’t be able to kill another life any longer.  

My stories are an expression of this desire, they should move, make people tangible and bring a bunch of empathy into the world.

All this can be found in my song/video “The Lost Tail”. It deals with the inseparability of two basic human needs: our need to connect with the world around us as much as our necessity to tell stories to each other. Actually both seem fragile and endangered in todays world. Our deepest desire no longer remembers how much our ability to feel happiness depends on how naturally our ‚animal nature’ is able to connect with the world around us.

Animals use their tail to feel at home in their movements, their expressions, their body. We have largely lost these ways of remembering ourselves. What if we finally remembered? We would feel the pain of this loss.

All the tales that led to this would have to be told, real words, felt life would break out of us and with every memory we would connect deeper and deeper with the world body, as much as with our own.

We would carry out the old movements that have always created connectedness. We would speak the old words that only sound when they are spoken together. We would sing the songs that resonate from our bones.  

The Lost Tail is all about that. Remembering the loss. Reconnecting with the nature inside of us all.

I support organizations such as “Doctors Without Borders” with my concerts and want to be a voice for all those who contribute to creating a greater awareness of the importance of a healthy, networked, free and peaceful Mother Earth.   

My audience is invited to win back their own voice and take back their own body. There is nothing better! Being able to be fully yourself and at the same time being part of the big picture is my invitation!


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And I take you behind the scenes of a peaceful warrior. 



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